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To be concerned for those in need is an essential quality of a Freemason’s way of life.
Freemasons help each other when and where they can.  However, Freemasonry is also one of the UK’s leading  organisations giving to non-masonic registered charities.

Individual Lodges raise funds for charitable giving and make donations to masonic and non-masonic causes.

The Gallery Lodge has a long history of supporting those in need and charitable causes and has been honoured as below:

  •     Patron Royal Masonic Institution for Boys
  •     Patron Royal Masonic Institution for Girls
  •     Patron Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
  •     Founding Lodge and Double Patron Royal Masonic Hospital
  •     Grand Patron New Masonic Samaritan Fund
  •     Bronze Award London RMBI Appeal
  •     Foundation Lodge of the MMC London Air Ambulance Appeal


In addition in just the past two years The Gallery Lodge has supported the following Charities :

  •     Cancer Research UK
  •     Sam Bear Hospice
  •     Medicine San Frontier
  •     Autism Wessex
  •     Autism Sussex
  •     St John’s Ambulance
  •     Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital


The Gallery Lodge is a “Hall Stone Jewel Lodge”.  This means the Lodge made a financial contribution for the purposes of building Freemasons Hall in London, where the Lodge actually holds its meetings.  The Hall was built after the end of the First World War in honour of and as a memorial to Freemasons that gave their lives in that conflict.



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FOREWORD RW Bro Warren Duke, PJGW Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master

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